Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I let this board sit for along time. 
Finally finished it this morning
and had a blast on it.
8'4" x 17 1/4 x 22 x 17 x 3 1/4
"V" bottom


Surfsister said...

Dammit!! You are seriously compromising my willpower. I don't need another board, do I? No. But every time I click on this blog, I want another board, a DanO (to be more specific).

Note to self: Delete DanO blog from Bookmarks. Stop obsessing about having a DanO custom shaped (at least until you learn how to do a proper drop-knee turn.)

jwarren said...

looks like you make a lot of really good looking boards.... for yourself

danosurf said...

I have to test them out. there's a picture of one of your boards on here.

Anonymous said...

After you test them out, stick them for sale up here on your blog!