Monday, October 20, 2008


9'6" x 18 x 23 x16 x 3 1/8
Built this one start to finish myself.
A lot of work goes into building a board 
like this, but it's pretty rewarding
when it gets picked up and the person is stoked.
Jess will be spending a lot of time in the red on this one. 


AGDeigns said...

So did you glass it as well?

paulo jacinto said...

Great work !!!

danosurf said...

yes,I glassed it

Thee Cormans said...

Totally far out! We need to discuss a Cormans model! Hahaha!!!

AGDeigns said...

How many layers of cloth do you use for your fins?

im making a kinda big D-fin for a pig i wanna shape soon and i always have problems with how many layers to glass


danosurf said...

I use 35 layers of 6oz.

AGDeigns said...

Thanks alot Dano
Should be coming in to order a board when i sell one
do you rember what modle u shaped for Cameron
9'2x16 3/4x 21 1/2x16x3
green deck w/ volan rails white bottome box fin?
i bought it from frog house last year