Monday, September 21, 2009


I have been riding this 9'10" tribute
to "Ed Roth" for a few months now.
Metal flake green, lace fade on the deck, rat fink
on the fin and model name on the
bottom in rat fink font. it looks pretty good
hanging out the back of the 56 Ford.


g.Land said...

Its Bitchin Mr.Forte!

AGDeigns said...

that thing is so sick

Thee Cormans said...

man the paint on that thing is as sharp as a knife! I gotta get that art together for the board major lag. If all goes well I might be moving down the street from you.

Anonymous said...

Nice board!! I wonder if this board will be responsible for metal flake getting polular in retro boards? I have a question for Dano, I have a 9'-10" noseglider and i love it and i'm wondering why you don't put a little foil in your hand made fins? Is this to be true to the traditions of the 60's fins? Keep up the good work!

p.s. I wonder why your not more popular down here in San Diego, every where i go with my board people compliment me on it but i don't see anyone else with them.

ljshoreslokal said...

This board is so beautiful i can't imagine it with wax on it but then again i can't imagine it not being surfed either.

danosurf said...

It sat in the shop for a while because I did not have the heart to wax it.Then when I did go to ride it I was standing in the lot at doho the surf looks super fun and I am standing there looking at the waves then looking at the board going back and forth for a while. I just could not get myself to wax it, so I had to close my eyes turn my head and just run a line of wax across it. Once it had the line of wax it was easier to wax the whole thing.