Monday, February 08, 2010


Heres a photo of me, Mike Marshall and Walter Viszolay
talking it up in the Blackies parking lot.
Mr Marshall loved to talk surf history and I loved to listen.
We would talk about boards, surf spots, and all the crazy
personalities that surfed them.
I went to school on every word he said.
When Mike said he liked a board or something
about a board I made, I would take it to heart.
He was a awesome man and will be deeply missed.


g.Land said...

Never got to know the man, recently read the article in the Mooneyes Vol. 2 Mag on him. Glad to know that you knew and appreciated him.

Dr. Robert said...

as a kid I got to know Mr Marshall from an awed distance as I surfed Newport from 66-70'.

he was definitely one of the main men..underground..and someone you instinctively gave respect to.

(and, for those who care, Walter Viszolay was one of thee best at Newport, at a time when many of the best surfers in the world congregated there).

So yeah, I can understand why you would take what he said to heart..
he was the real deal.

Peace to all, and best wishes to M.M.'s family and friends.