Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Here is something everybody needs to be apart of. 
My friend Jay Thomas suffered a spinal cord injury
on March 2nd while surfing the Huntington Pier. 
There will be a few things going on to raise money for his 
medical and living needs and this is a big one.
Tickets go on sale online on Saturday so get involved, help 
out a great person, and see some awesome bands.
My hat goes off to all the bands, the House of Blues, ticketmaster
 and a big high five to Shane for making this happen. 
In addition to this event, I will be having a surf-a-thon on May 12th 
(more info on this will be posted on this in the next few days)
and there will be a paypal account set up on Jay's blog in the 
next few days as well.


mike black said...

We will be there.

g.Land said...

Might try to drag the lil lady to this, but it could be a lil to punk for her!! Have you ever seen that video of you guys jamin at Henessey's on youtube? I posted it if you haven't seen it...