Sunday, April 26, 2009


I'm having a surf-a-thon for Jay Thomas on May 12th at blackies .
I will catch as many waves as I can in a two hour period.
Sponsors will sign up agreeing to give a dollar amount for each wave in this time period.
Please get involved by coming by my shop:
Dano Surfboards
1779 Placentia ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Or if you live outside of the area call me and I will sign you up:


jhall said...

Haven't seen you surfing much lately. You best 'get in shape' there pal. Jays' counting on you.

If you need a trainer, lemme know. I can see to it that you paddle every day, regardless of the conditions.

danosurf said...

Been surfing everyday, just going south or up north to get away from the wind. I have been eating right and doing lots of 12oz lifters I'm feeling good.

Chris said...

Hi there, just came across your blog and found it really very interesting, will definitely keep May 12th in my mind, thanks.


g.Land said...

Yeah I'm pretty stoked on my first all fiberglass fin, glad you dig it too! Now back to some 12 oz. curls.


it's me again. said...

Hey Dano,

What time are you starting the Surf-A-Thon?


danosurf said...

The surf a thon will start around 8:30ish